Evil Nun 2 v1.1.1 + Mod – Adventure and horror game “Evil Nun 2” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (enemies do not attack) Tested separately
with offline run

Evil Nun 2 – Evil Nun 2 (Evil Spiritual Sister 2) is the second game in the Evil Nun game series of Keplerians Horror Games studio, which is active in making and publishing adventure and arcade games with horror themes and themes. including Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room and series Ice Scream on Google Play we also have to release the game on other content from Farsrvyd with their mode versions are offered for download. With the popularity of the first part of Evil Nun, Keplerians Horror Games studio decided to develop another version of this game. Now, this game is in front of you, which was prepared by Farsroid at the same time as it was published on Google Play, and for the first time among all Iranian sites. Dedicated to your presence. In addition to the original version, we also provide a separate modded version of this game and provide it to you so that friends who want to use the game mode version can also enjoy the game. If you have experienced the first version of Evil Nun, you must have encountered the scary character and the main monster of the game, who is evil and a terrible nun. This character is actually a character adapted from the negative character of the movie The Nun. Scary appearance, great power, and high violence of this character were among his characteristics that we faced in the first part of this series of games. But in the second version, Evil Nun 2, the situation is a little different…!



In the game Evil Nun 2This time, the developers decided to change the approach to create a different game. The storyline of the game is actually related to the past of the scary character of the game called Madeline. In the first part, you will face the same character but when he was completely possessed by the devil, but in the second part, you will go back and see another dimension of this character. You will go to a time when Madeline is still like an ordinary spiritual sister and her appearance is not only not scary, but it may also look innocent! But behind this seemingly innocent and holy appearance, an evil creature is growing. You are in the role of a student in a Catholic school who has fallen victim to the evil nature of Madeline. This humanoid monster has mutant bird creatures that help it scare, find and hunt you. The game starts from the room where you are imprisoned, but with a lot of effort, you manage to break your hands off the chains. You are stuck in this big school with several monsters, and worst of all, Madeline herself, who is an evil nun, and all you have to do is escape this terrible predicament. To do this, you must first find the documents, practical items, and keys needed to escape from the school rooms. But the most important thing you have to do is to do it in complete silence and out of sight of the nun and her monsters. In order not to be seen, you should move slowly, do not make noise, and stand in different places such as closets in case of danger. Be careful because if you are seen by one of these ugly monsters or Madeline, they will attack you very quickly and if they get close to you, they can destroy you with one blow. Fortunately, this time in Evil Nun 2, it is also possible for you to stop the enemies for a short time with special weapons that you can find. The game has 4 different difficulty levels for an amateur to professional players. To experience this beautiful game, you can go to the download box right now to Farsroid and download the latest version of the game in normal or mod from the site servers. For more information about Evil Nun 2, you can also watch the introductory trailer video or screenshots.

Note: In the mod version, the enemies will not attack you and will ignore you.