ES File Explorer is one of the best, most feature-rich, and best file management programs for Android with which you can perform all operations on files. In general, there are many file management programs for Android, several of which we have introduced to date, and all of them were almost the most popular and best. Today, we are going to introduce a powerful and powerful file management program called ES File Explorer File Manager, which with its unique capabilities has been able to gain a good score in the market and with more than 100 million downloads; Become more popular among other file manager programs. If you are looking for a file manager that meets all your expectations, we recommend ES File Manager, which has a simple and classic look and many features to prevent you from having one. Complete file manager eliminates the need. This file manager from 22 living languages ​​of the world including English, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Plain Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, It supports Turkish, Lithuanian and Portuguese and has a variety of unique features that will delight you who are looking for one of the best Android file management software! We suggest you use this unique file management software and then write a review of it for other friends!

Some features and capabilities of ES File Explorer Android File Manager:

  • General file management with the transfer, copy, delete, create, rename, search, share, send, hide, create shortcuts and و functions.
  • Ability to back up data and restore it
  • Remote control of the program through the computer
  • Ability to extract and create RAR and ZIP compressed files
  • View thumbnails for a variety of files such as photos, videos, and apk files
  • View text files and the ability to edit them quickly
  • Ability to connect to FTP and professionally manage files
  • Save and share files as quickly as possible
  • Having a widget to close apps or keep apps running
  • Having a dedicated player to display video, audio, and و files

You can download the latest version of the ES File Manager application with a direct link and one click from the oyuntakip website for your Android smartphone. This file manager is one of the most popular Android file management software, the free version of which has been downloaded millions of times by Android users around the world, and the regular and paid version has been placed on the site for download; To download the Pro and paid versions, just search ES ES Explorer Pro.