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Minecraft 1.16 (Nether Update) is a version that is fully dedicated to improving the Underworld (Nether). The main goal of the update was the implementation of full-fledged survival in the Lower World, as well as the addition of interesting places for research. For this, several new bimos, mobs and items were introduced at once. In addition, now the player can go much faster to the lower dimension thanks to the new structure – the destroyed portal.

New view of Nether

Previously, there was only one biome in the Lower World, but after downloading Minecraft 1.16, you will see that there are five of them, and each has its own unique features and design. Now in Nether consists of these types of terrain:

  • Nether Wastes. This is the former only biome of the Lower World, it has not changed much. Mostly consists of hellstone and lava lakes. The biome got a new musical theme, it can spawn Piglins and Striders.
  • Valley of Sands of Souls (Soulsand Valley). A new gloomy biome that has several notable visual differences. Firstly, a fire lit here will glow blue. Secondly, particles like ash fly constantly in the air. Mostly skeletons and gasts live here, quite often you can find fossil remains.
  • Distorted Forest (Warped Forest). Turquoise biome, consisting of huge mushrooms. There are many vines, and the surface is almost entirely composed of nilium. The distorted forest is considered the best place to start survival in Nether, because there are quite a lot of resources, and only endermen spawn from hostile mobs.
  • Crimson Forest (Crimson Forest). In many ways it is similar to the Distorted forest, but most of the blocks here are executed in bright red colors. In this biome, piglins, hoglins, as well as zombie piglins spawn. Because of such an abundance of hostile mobs, the Crimson Forest is the most dangerous place in Nether.
  • Basalt deltas. Biome mainly consisting of high basalt pillars. Often they stand in lava rivers. A grayish fog is constantly standing here, and particles of gray ash are visible in the air. In this place, lava slugs are often spawned, and striders can also be found.
  • More surface and nether structures

    With the release of version 1.16, several new structures appeared in the game. On the surface you can now find a dilapidated portal in Nether. As a rule, it is an obsidian frame, completed by about 50% -70%. It may include several blocks of a crying obsidian, which will need to be replaced with a normal one if you want to restore and activate the portal. Almost always, next to the portal there is a chest with several gold items. They will be very useful if, after the transition, you meet piglins. To familiarize yourself with the new structure, you can use the sids on the portals .

The most interesting new structure of Nether was the Piglin bastions. They are dilapidated forts with many chests. However, when you try to pick up some kind of loot, you will provoke an attack by the Piglin, who very quickly deal with untrained players.

Another two added structures are basalt columns and Nether fossils. But they mainly have only decorative meaning and are created specifically to decorate some biomes.

New hellish mobs

Nezer’s update could not do without adding new mods. In version 1.16, 4 new mobs appeared and all of them belong to the Underworld.


The new inhabitants of Nether, who replaced the zombie pigmen. The latter were processed into zombified piglins, receiving a slightly modified model. The main features of piglins:

  • hostile to all players, but make an exception for those who wear at least one element of gold armor;
  • you can “trade” with them, but not like with villagers: to carry out barter, you need to throw a gold thing into a piglin, he will evaluate it for 6 seconds and give you a random item in return;
  • if you give Piglin gold armor, he will immediately put it on;
  • Piglins will become aggressive even to players in gold armor if they try to search chests in the bastion;
  • there will also be Piglin children in the game, they are not aggressive towards the player and can ride hoglins;
  • adult Piglins can gather in a group and attack the hoglins, after winning in 10% of cases they perform a victory dance;
  • they are scared away by any source of blue fire that can be obtained with the help of sand of souls, for example, bonfires or torches.


These large animals, similar to wild boars, mainly spawn in the Crimson Forest. They complicate survival, but at the same time they can become a source of food in Nether.

  • hoglins are always hostile to the player;
  • they can be propagated and accelerate growth with the help of crimson mushrooms;
  • Hohlins are afraid of distorted mushrooms, as well as portals;
  • when they enter the ordinary world or End, they turn into zoglins within 15 seconds.

Striders (or Shopkeepers)

A very useful mob for Nether, as it allows you to cross large rivers and lakes with lava. It spawns in large quantities, so it will not be difficult to find it among the lava.

  • you can wear a saddle on the striders, but you cannot control it like a horse;
  • to direct a strider, take a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom in your hand (similar to a pig and a fishing rod with carrots);
  • Striders are always passive towards the player, even when attacked;
  • if the strider is outside the lava, it acquires a purple hue and begins to shake from the cold, but there are no consequences for them.

Thematic blocks and subjects

The game has a huge number of new blocks that can be used for decorative purposes. Most of them can be found in certain Nether biomes. Now you can decorate your base using such materials:

  • black stone;
  • basalt;
  • quartz;
  • mushroom light (it is an excellent source of light in a radius of 15 blocks);
  • crying obsidian;
  • chain (can be connected to a bell, flashlight, and many other units);
  • distorted and crimson boards.

Using the sand of souls, you will be able to craft a torch, a bonfire and a lantern, burning take off with fire. It has not only decorative, but also practical application, because with its help you can scare away piglins if you do not have gold armor.

New useful items

One of the key blocks of the 1.16 update was the Respawn Anchor. Thanks to him, you can respawn in Nether, and not return to the upper world after every death. An anchor is created from a crying obsidian and a photocamera. It can be “charged” up to four times by right-clicking. This is the first equivalent of a bed in the Lower World. It will not work to use it in the usual measurement, if you try to activate it, it will immediately explode.

Another interesting innovation was the Magnetite block. You can place it and right-click with the compass in your hands. After that, this compass will always point to the selected magnetite. To simplify orientation, the compass can be renamed in the anvil. Now navigation in Nether and on the surface will be much more convenient.

A new level of equipment

After the release of Nether Update, diamond objects will cease to be considered the best. Now they can be “pumped” to non-meritic, but for this you will have to try hard. You will need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • craft diamond objects;
  • go to Nether and get a very rare block of Ancient debris;
  • to melt fragments into non-mercury scrap;
  • to craft a non-meritic bar of four units of scrap and four gold bars;
  • to connect a non-mercury ingot with a diamond object on the blacksmith’s table.

The resulting item is stronger and more efficient than a diamond, and it really looks cool.

More convenient world setup

In addition to improvements to the Underworld, the Mojang team also worked on a menu for creating a new world, as well as adding some convenient commands.

Now you can configure the world with a more extensive set of options, as well as immediately connect datapacks to it. In addition, it became possible to export ready-made settings, change them at your discretion through a text editor and import to quickly create a world with the desired settings.

The game also has several new console teams. The most significant for players will be / locatebiome, which will quickly find any biome in different dimensions. In addition, the already familiar / locate command now supports custom structures, which will greatly facilitate the work with mods.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download Minecraft 1.16 by clicking on the button below.
  2. Run the file and wait for the installation.
  3. Enter the launcher by entering the desired nickname or use your Mojang account (online mode).
  4. Go to the “Assemblies” section, Minecraft 1.16 will already be loaded in it.
  5. Wait until the download is complete and start the game by double-clicking the mouse.

Good game!

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