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Minecraft 1.15 update does not differ in a lot of content, but it can please players with improved optimization and the absence of bugs. This update was called Buzzy Bees, and the only innovation in it were bees and related items. But the main efforts of the developers were aimed at increasing the FPS in the game and preparing for the release of larger updates.

In this update, not only added a minimum number of new blocks, but almost did not change existing ones. Some of the innovations were taken from Bedrock Edition, which damaged the words of the developers and their intentions to make the two main versions of Minecraft as similar as possible.

Key innovations

With the Buzzy Bees update in Minecraft, the following blocks appeared:

  • two types of hives: one is generated on trees, the other is crafted on a workbench, they are no different from their appearance;
  • a honey block that is similar to slug, but has some differences;
  • decorative block of honeycombs;
  • a jar of honey (you can get it by clicking on an empty bottle on a filled hive.

It is easy to see that all the blocks added in 1.15.2 relate exclusively to the bee theme. The developers have made the minimum number of changes to simplify the optimization of the gameplay.

Hives have become an easy way to settle next to bees. The player can build a base next to naturally generated blocks, or build it on his own by extracting boards and bee honeycombs. Up to three bees can live in one hive. An interesting innovation was the honey block. He is able to “stick” to the blocks and pull them along, which allowed the creation of new mechanisms. In addition, the deceleration and sliding mechanics came in handy for creating a new type of parkour map.

Bees became the only mob added to the game. They turned out to be big cute creatures collecting pollen from flowers and some other plants. By default, they do not show aggression towards the player and any other creatures, but attack in response, imposing a poisoning effect. Bees can be found near the house for both practical and decorative purposes. Bees pollinate the plants in the beds, helping them grow. In addition, honey can be periodically collected from hives, which can be eaten or used to craft sugar.

FPS increase due to optimization

By releasing snapshots and seven pre-releases, Mojang developers have eliminated hundreds of bugs, many of which were discovered by users. In addition, the chunk rendering process received many changes, the explosion effects were optimized, and lighting performance was improved. Thanks to this, for the first time in several years, the new version began to work more smoothly than the previous one. This effect became especially noticeable for owners of old PCs, in which the number of FPS in 1.15.1 could grow by 1.5-2 times.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download Minecraft 1.15.2 by clicking on the button below.
  2. Run the file and wait for the installation.
  3. Enter the launcher by entering any nickname or use your Mojang account (online mode).
  4. Go to the “Assemblies” section, version 1.15.2 will already be installed in it.
  5. Wait until the download is complete and start the game by double-clicking the mouse.

Good game!

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