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With the release of Minecraft 1.14 , also known as Village & Pillage, the villages in the game have been significantly changed. Also in this update there are many other important innovations. For example, robbers were added to the game and the mechanics of raids on the village were implemented. In addition, the game once again brought a variety of new mobs, blocks and items.

Change villages and residents

Before the release of Minecraft 1.14.4, the settlements in Minecraft were almost no different from each other. But now they have much more different buildings, more unusual layouts are available, and a unique design for each biome is also selected. For example, winter villages contain warm wooden houses and an igloo, and in the desert you will see simple sandstone buildings and tall towers.

For the design of the new villages, a number of new blocks were introduced:

  • Bell. It stands in the center of the village and allows you to notify residents of the danger. In the case of an approaching raid of looters, residents themselves can ring the bell.
  • Bonfire. It has both a decorative and a practical purpose. It is a source of light and allows you to cook some types of food.
  • Barrels. New storage, a convenient analogue of the chest.
  • Lamp. Another light source that shines better than a torch and looks prettier.
  • Smokehouse and smelter. Specialized analogues of a standard oven allow you to quickly cook food or carry out firing.
  • Archer’s table and blacksmith’s table. They do not yet have functionality, but they are a place of work for residents with relevant professions.
  • Stone cutter. Provides a convenient interface for the manufacture of steps, slabs and other products from stone blocks.
  • Sharpened. Allows you to combine two items, getting one with a higher margin of safety, and also removes most of the enchantment.
  • Cartographer’s table. Block with a convenient interface for working with cards.
  • Loom. Device for working with flags.
  • Department. Allows you to place a book that is available for reading to all comers.
  • Scaffolding. They can be mounted on top of each other for quick movement to a great height.

Villagers also received many changes. Now, like the settlements themselves, they change their appearance depending on the biome. The inhabitants AI was also completely redesigned; in Minecraft 1.14.4 they behave much more realistically. Each resident has his own daily routine and works near a certain block. If there are not enough blocks in the village for all residents, then some of them will be unemployed and will not trade with the player. This can be fixed by independently crafting a block for them to work on.

Marauders and Raid Mechanics

The second part of update 1.14.4 is devoted to a new type of mobs – looters. You can meet them in two ways. The first is to find the tower of robbers, such structures are found around the world. They are surrounded by dozens of looters, and on the top you can find a chest with valuable items, among which there may be a crossbow. In the second case, the looters themselves can find the player if he lingers in the village. The settlements are sometimes attacked by several marauding waves, which will become stronger. If the player manages to repel the attack, then he will receive the title “Hero of the Village”, which will provide pleasant discounts from merchants and even gifts from residents.

More mobs

In addition to looters, other mobs were added to the game. Now in the taiga you can meet foxes, and in the bamboo jungle – pandas. In addition, cats have been recycled. Previously, they were the result of taming the ocelot, but now they have become independent mobs. They are tamed in the same way as before, but the ocelots can no longer become a player’s pet.

Minecraft with foxes became possible thanks to Minecon 2017, where taiga was chosen as an improved biome. Together with foxes, bushes with berries were added. In general, the taiga began to look more realistic, and also received a special kind of village generation. Download Minecraft 1.14.4, which is one of the latest versions and get at your disposal unlimited possibilities for creativity and survival.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download Minecraft 1.14.4 by clicking on the button below.
  2. Run the file and wait for the installation.
  3. Enter the launcher by entering any nickname or use your Mojang account (online mode).
  4. Go to the “Assemblies” section, version 1.14.4 will already be installed in it.
  5. Wait until the download is complete and start the game by double-clicking the mouse.

Good game!

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