Minecraft Double jump datapack [1.16.5]

The dj_online_survival data pack allows you to do double jumps by simply wearing the elytra. It can also be configured, for example, the number of jumps, the cooldown of jumps, the height of the jumps, and you can insert your own function. The advantage of this data pack is that it can work perfectly in a single game and online.

It can also be well configured, for example:
1. Number of jumps: from one to doing.

/function dj:tools/clear : Количество прыжков становится 0 только для вас. По умолчанию 1.
/function dj:tools/plus1jump : Плюс 1 прыжок.
/function dj:tools/set100jump : Установить кол-во на 100 прыжков.

2. Jump cooldown: it starts counting when it hits the ground after a double jump.

/function dj:tools/resettimerjump или
/scoreboard players set @s timerJump 0 : Убирает кулдаун прыжков

/function dj:tools/plus20timerjump или
/scoreboard players add @s timerJump 20 : Плюс 1 секунда к кулдауну

/function dj:tools/set100timerjump или
/scoreboard players set @s timerJump 100 : Ставит 5 секунд кулдаун

3. The height of the jumps. (however, I haven’t yet found a way to do this through functions).
How do I change the jump height? You need to go to the file:
… \ dj_online_survival \ data \ dj \ functions \ double_jump \ main \ w_0 \ i_0 \ i_0.mcfunction
And edit the line below. Where X is there we put a number, I advise from 10, optimally 20. So far, only this way, since I do not know how to do it through the function.

effect give @s levitation 1 X true

4. You can add your own function, which will be activated immediately after a double jump . For example, to spawn TNT underneath.
How to add your own function that will be activated after a double jump? You need to go to the file:
… \ dj_online_survival \ data \ DJ \ functions \ settings \ hello.malfunction
And edit it. That’s all.

5. You can also fly on elytra without jumping, you can just hold the arrow in your main hand. It can also be replaced with another item.
How do I exchange an arrow for another item? Open the file:
… \ dj_online_survival \ data \ Dj \ functions \ double_jump \ main \ w_0
And change the item’s ID in the line below in the SelectedItem:

execute if score @s[nbt=!{SelectedItem: {id: "minecraft:arrow"}}] elytrFly matches .....



ow to install data pack:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Select the world in which you want to install the data pack, and click “Configure”.
  3. Click “Open World Folder”.
  4. Open the “data packs” folder and copy the data pack archive into it.
  5. Go to the world and enter the / reload command in the chat.


Download data pack

1.16.5: dj_online_survival-2.zip [9,9 Kb]

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