Doorman Story v1.8.2 + Mod – Very fun simulation game “Hotel Door Story” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite coins and diamonds) individually
tested with offline execution

Doorman Story – The story of Doorman Story, full name Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management, published on Google Play, is a very attractive and lovable game for fans of time management games, which was published by the Cyprus studio AppQuantum. Developed and offered for free but with in-app purchases. This time for the first time in Iran has introduced and published the latest official version of another fun and very beautiful game at your service, dear ones, and presented it along with an exclusive modded version for download. Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management is a simulation game in which your time management skills are challenged to a very fun challenge. Although many interesting games like this one have been released with the idea of ​​time management, but more than 90% of them had a theme and focus on cooking and restaurant games, and this may cause players to repeat this approach. And the clichés are a little tired. But this time we are at your service with a relatively different game that can bring you a very attractive experience. In this game, this time you will not play as a chef, restaurant owner or… but as a hotel team and especially a hotel doorman.



In Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management you are in the role of a hotel team that has started with a small motel. You need to help them manage their customers in this small motel and create the best experience for them so that they are satisfied with their stay. The game will start with 4 small rooms. A roommate and a hotel concierge work to clean or take care of customers. As you know, in time management style games, you have to try to do the tasks that need to be explored one after the other in the fastest possible time with high concentration. You have a lot to do in the game. For example, when each customer arrives, your first task will be to accept them and identify an empty room for that customer. After that and when the customer leaves the room you have to do two important things at the same time. One is to receive a fee from the customer when standing in the reservation section, and the second is to clean the room for future customers. By advancing in the game, you can enlarge your hotel and travel to other parts of the world, and start your own international hotel. Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management game has various items throughout the game, each of which can be upgraded to several stages. Of course, you need money to upgrade these items, or rather equipment, but the more you upgrade, the more you earn. The charm of the game will be when you have managed to develop your hotel and the number of your customers will increase! In this case, you have to do the game missions in the fastest time by professionally managing time and prioritizing tasks. This beautiful game can challenge your focus and train your mind to manage similar situations. So do not procrastinate and make this very beautiful and lovely game right now download oyuntakip and enjoy a lot.