Disney Mirrorverse v0.13.0 – Exciting role-playing game “Disney Reverse World” for Android
A fun and competitive game from the famous Kabam studio
tested with online performance

Disney Mirrorverse – Disney Reverse WorldAnother interesting and exciting game from the Canadian studio Kabam, which has been developed for free and is offered with the ability to pay in-app for Android phones and tablets. Farsroid website has provided this game for free for you dear ones as soon as this game is published on Google Play, after the necessary checks. If you are familiar with Kabam Games Inc., you know that this game company, unlike many other competing companies that have a large number of games introduced, has only a few main games and its main focus is on presentation. Put support services and important updates for these games. Less quantity makes the quality of Kabam games much better than many other developers, and therefore the company’s games have the least amount of bugs and incompatibilities among mobile games. Among the top games made by this studio can be games like Marvel Contest of Champions, TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, and Shop Titans. The studio has partnered with major companies such as MARVEL, and in mid-2020 the studio announced its partnership with the big Disney company in the form of a game for the company. The game is called Disney Mirrorverse and its main style is Role-playing games.

Disney Mirrorverse game in terms of gameplay and design is very similar to two other games with the same theme called Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and Disney Sorcerer’s Arenahas it. In fact, all three of these games are similar in many ways, and the most important similar item in all of these games is the presence of Disney characters and heroes, who have been introduced to the world through the company’s animations and cartoons over the last century. Were. The second similarity is the style of play, all three of which are almost in the same style. Especially Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and Disney Mirrorverse, which are both very similar and both are turn-based in the role-playing game genre. However, there are many differences that make these games unique. In Disney Mirrorverse, you are going to play the role of popular heroes and famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Sullivan, Mulan and.. The story of the game is summed up by a wizard trying to destroy the Disney fantasy world and its characters, and you have to stop this wicked wizard with your team, which are the same Disney characters. In this game, like many other games of the same genre, a turn-based combat system is designed, as well as an upgrade and management system, and you have to manage the characters and customize them in the battles that await You’s good luck. This game is free and tested by Oyuntakip is ready for download.

Additional notes:

  1. Disney Mirrorverse is still in beta and may not run properly on some devices.
  2. In order to run the game, your internet connection must be connected and in order to connect to the game servers correctly, you must change your IP.
  3. There is no healthy modded or hacked version for this game and there is no possibility of blocking the account due to the game detectors.