Design Island v3.27.0 + Mod – Puzzle game and creative “Design Island” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Money + Infinite Star) individually
tested with offline execution

Design Island – Design IslandA very interesting, fantasy and fun game in the style of puzzle and management games with a highly creative gameplay that is related to the layout and decoration of beach houses. The game was produced by Hong Kong studio Chiseled Games Limited and released for the Android operating system so that Android users around the world can download it for free from Google Play. In this game you travel to a beautiful and luxurious island. During this game, you have to design, decorate and renovate your villa on this island to the main character of the game, who is a professional lady and a carbald designer, and help other residents of this area to discuss the management and design of their home decoration. Needless to say, Design Island, like all games made in this genre, has two main parts. The first part is the puzzle and challenge part of the game, during which you have to solve puzzles called Match-3 in the shortest possible time by putting similar and colorful items together to earn points. These points can be used during the game as money to buy and unlock more items or sections. So you have to focus a lot on this part.

In the second part of Design IslandWhich is the management and decoration design department, you have to renovate different parts of a large and luxurious villa with the help of available items and other purchasable accessories, and decorate and design it with new and beautiful furniture. During the game, by going through more stages, you can unlock more parts of this villa, such as rooms, reception halls, kitchen, etc., and gradually turn the whole villa into an extremely beautiful villa with attractive decoration designs. This villa has remained untouched for several years, and this has made this mansion dilapidated and uninhabitable. Also, the broken, broken and old furniture in this house should be replaced and replaced with new items. In Design Island, you can also go to the large and beautiful courtyard of this villa and renovate the garden, pool and other items in this courtyard. There are dozens of different items in this game so that you can become a professional decoration designer with their help. Apart from these, there are sub-sections such as interesting and fictional characters and the presence of pets in this game, which has increased its attractiveness. Design Island game with more than 10 thousand downloads in less than 1 monthScore 4.3 out of 5.0 . If you are a fan of decoration design style games or you have a high level of creativity in management games, do not miss the Design Island game and get the latest update right now with its modded version from oyuntakip for free.