Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer v3.4.3.39 – online and multiplayer chess game for Android,
price $4.99 – purchased and free version,
special offer for chess lovers

Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer is a paid and purchased version of one of the most popular and excellent chess games from Haptic Apps LLC studio for Android with a price of $4.99. It has been released on Google Play, and at your request, we are going to introduce its newest version and make you fans of chess sports games happy! All of you who are reading this post are undoubtedly familiar with the game of chess, a two-person game that is played on a flat board using pieces with the names of king, minister, rook, elephant, horse and soldier; Until today, we have introduced dozens of different chess games in Farseroid, all of which have been among the best and have met with great reception, but today it is the turn of a different game, Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer; A game where, unlike similar games, you have to compete live and real with online users from all over the world!Experience Android Chess !



The game Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer is one of the most popular chess games with thousands of purchases and receipts and a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , in which you, in addition to participating in online chess tournaments; You can also chat with your opponent in real life! There are settings to choose opponents from the countries of the world or your region (assuming Iran) and then by pressing the “invite” button, you will meet a random user who can enter your exciting competition! The general features of the game include such things as the ability to play online and multiplayer with your friends; The possibility of chatting with competitors; view the history of games; Good design with a simple user interface and generally good construction! Join us to see pictures of the game and download its free and paid version from Farserroid .

Be careful:

One: Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer game is online.
Two: In the initial run, open an account for yourself once for free and then log in to your account and start playing.
Three: The only difference between the free and paid version is the presence or absence of advertisements; There are no ads in the PRO version of the game.
Four: The free version is also available alongside the original version for those of you who don’t mind seeing ads from time to time; has been brought
Five: The game does not need to be connected to a Google account , etc., and it is based on an account, and in both free and paid versions, you can play without any problems and all information is saved.

Changes in version v3.4.3.39:

* Various optimizations and fixing game problems.