Minecraft Mods Pack

Minecraft-Compact Ores – dense, compacted ores

The Compact Ores mod will add compressed ores to the game, ores in which there are more useful resources, breaking such a block of ore you will receive several times more resources. The mod supports all types of ores, including from mods, and automatically generates their appearance from their standard texture. The mod …

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Minecraft-FTB Backups – backup of the world

Maud the FTB the Utilities: Backups – backup world.   A simple mod serving one important purpose – creating backups (backups) of your world, the mod has a number of settings, is able to work on the server, will restore the world in case of problems with mods. When playing with a …

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Minecraft-Enigmatic Legacy – Mysterious Legacy [1.16.1]

The Enigmatic Legacy mod adds a large number of new jewelry and used items to minecraft , which have incredibly useful properties – from accelerated digging , to the ability to fly and complete immortality . Together with other magical mods, it can become something truly incredible! The mod may be of interest both to those who have long conquered the vastness of …

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