CASE: Animatronics – Horror game v1.51 Full – Popular puppet scary game in the police building Android
A popular game with millions of downloads and a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play
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CASE: Animatronics – Horror game – Assassin’s Creed Doll is a popular scary adventure game for Android, which Azur Interactive Games Limited Studio offers it for free and without any restrictions on Google Play and at your request The latest update has been released for download and is in front of you. By installing CASE: Animatronics – Horror game on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience an interesting horror game with very beautiful 3D graphics and a first-person viewing angle, which is very similar to the five-night game series with Freddy! You are in the police building and the dolls are controlled by a hacker; This hacker has evil intentions and wants to destroy you! All outlets are closed and the electricity is off; The sound of a doll’s footsteps comes from a doll made of iron; Do you think it will last until morning ?! You play the role of a character named John Bishop, who stays longer in the police building for overtime! He did not know that this overtime could cost him his life! Now you are stuck in a police building and you are not able to communicate with the outside world at all! The building security system has been hacked and the electricity has gone out; But these are not your main problems; Your main problem is the doll that is following you with red eyes and wants to take your life! Hide with great care and try to save your life until the morning!



Game CASE: Animatronics – Horror game with millions of downloads and earn a good rating of 4.5 from 5.0 the most popular games category Adventure – Horror Google Play is that we OyunTakip the latest version of its mobile mode to download a have. You can first see pictures and videos of the gameplay of this game, and finally, if you wish, download it with one click.

Note: The life mode version is infinite.

Changes in version V1.51:

Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.