BETA PUBG MOBILE v1.4.0 – Unique graphic action game “PubGi Mobile Beta” for Android
the trial version of PUBG Mobile game with new features and facilities
tested by running online

BETA PUBG MOBILE – The trial version of PUBGY is the name of another version of PUBG games from the Singaporean company Tencent Games, which, like other versions, has been developed for free. Farsroid, as soon as this game is published on Google Play, has prepared, reviewed, and released it for free download, and introduces it for the first time among all Iranian sites. After the original version of PUBG and PUBG Lite, Tencent Games studio released another version of the same game for the Android operating system. This version is called BETA PUBG MOBILE, and in fact, it is a trial version before the release of the update for the original version, and in a way, this game is for developers. In BETA PUBG MOBILE, the same main trend of the original game can be seen, and this game should not be considered as a sub-version or a smaller and different version like the PubJi Lite version. This game is actually a new platform for developers to make new features, fashions, and new chapters of their game available to players in the form of a separate and independent title, especially professional players, developers, and debuggers (experts who can find bugs and Find game problems, report them or send the solution to the original developer).


In the BETA PUBG MOBILE game, new sections, new chapters, and features that need to be reviewed are to be introduced and published. If you have already experienced PubGi Mobile, you will notice many interesting changes with the first encounter in the BETA PUBG MOBILE game. These changes include various items in various parts of the game, which may include the addition of a new and professional mode to compete with the big update of Call of Duty: MobileThere is a section called Arcade Mode – War. This fashion is a new and separate part that, unlike all Battle Royale style games, has more of a team and group nature. Other notable changes in the BETA PUBG MOBILE game include the addition of weapons, new items, new maps, and new locations. However, it cannot be said that BETA PUBG MOBILE is a completely different and independent game; Because the gameplay, graphics, and design language of the game is the same as the original version. In this game, you have to play online along with dozens of other players and try to survive. Your task will not be easy and many challenges in this game are waiting for you, which are finding resources, protecting yourself, chasing and killing enemies, and trying to escape from difficult conditions are some of these challenges. BETA PUBG MOBILE is one of the most popular mobile games in history due to its high graphics and console-like designs, just like the original version. It is interesting to know that this game could be downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play in just a few days! This figure is a new record that we have seen in fewer previous mobile games. oyuntakip proudly announces that the first site to introduce Iran and the release of the game for your loved ones. You can now download this game as a test from the site servers.


1- This game is only for professional players and developers and the purpose of its release is to introduce new sections, items, and capabilities in the game before releasing them in the final version. Therefore, this game is a completely experimental title and it is quite possible that it will not run, be disturbed, or have various bugs in it. Therefore, we recommend that if you are a regular gamer and want to experience this game, download and install the original version from this link . 2 – The game needs a code to run, you must receive and enter this code from within the global version and the events section.