Ball Blast v1.63 + Mod – A very fun and competitive game “Ball Blast” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline performance

Ball Blast Another incredibly beautiful and entertaining game from the popular and creative studio VOODOO , which is offered in the style of arcade and fun games. This game has been released completely free of charge on Google Play. You can also download the latest version of this title for free along with its modded version from Farsroid servers. This game has been produced and published with a simple but very attractive, addictive and at the same time extremely challenging idea. An idea that, although a model of some other games, quickly became one of the arcade style trends, along with other popular VOODOO studio games such as Ball’s Journey , Helix Jump , and Hole.ioThe position of this French gaming company greatly influenced. In the game of blasting balls, the whole task is simple. It is also very easy to do and away from any complexity. But we recommend that you do not be fooled by this simple appearance, because behind this simple and unpolluted appearance lies a hard, difficult and challenging gameplay. In Ball Blast, as the name implies, you have to blow up the balls. These balls are in different colors, dimensions and volumes. These balls are the things that if you ignore them will cause you to lose. In Ball Blast, you control a cannon with the barrel facing up. Above you, there are many large and small colored balls in the air and they fall to the ground, and if they hit the ground, they go up again, and this process until they either disappear or destroy you. continues! Your task is to shoot upwards. It is not possible to target different points. So in order to cover the whole screen with the shots, you have to move your ball and move it left or right.

Your main challenge in Ball BlastIt can be summarized in a few cases. First, the items you have to destroy are split as soon as they are fired and become a few smaller items. Then smaller items (depending on the initial volume) may be divided into smaller balls. But eventually, when they reach the smallest possible state, they are destroyed by a bullet. Numbers are written on the balls that indicate the amount of their health. The more you shoot at these items, the fewer the numbers. The main challenge and what makes this game so exciting is that if you can not destroy these balls and they hit you, you will lose. Therefore, you should shoot at them constantly and at the same time try to avoid any collision with them by maneuvering and dodging. By shooting and destroying each ball in Ball Blast game, you can get points and coins, and with these coins, you can also buy better items or upgrade your ball. How long do you think you can last? Get this fascinating game right now Download OyunTakip and compete with your friends. Ball Blast has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and its score is 4.7 out of 5.0 . We also recommend that you run the game offline so that no ads are displayed during the game.

Changes in version v1.63:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting