Avira is one of the best and most popular security and antivirus software companies for all types of operating systems, which has released its application called  Avira Free Android Security for Android and will bring security to your smartphone. Avira Free Android Security provides you with a complete set of security tools with which you can protect your privacy against spyware and significantly increase the security of your phone. By installing this antivirus on your mobile phone, you can take control of your smartphone when your phone is stolen or lost through the Avira site! Phones are good companions, they provide us with communication, access to the web, and working with media software; They also store your important information such as your photos, messages, and videos, but there is an easy way to protect them; Use a solution to find a lost phone with a stolen one with a text message or locking or locking alarm from around this device of your phone with complete security. If your phone is lost, you can send a message to the finder through the web or issue an order to lock the phone! This tool is able to find the location of your phone, if your phone is lost and on silent, you can send a loud noise to the phone through the web to find the phone when you hear it.

Some features of the popular Avira Free Android Security Android app:

  • Remove all malware on your phone
  • Control of a stolen phone via Google Maps
  • Play a loud siren to find the missing phone
  • Clear all phone information if stolen
  • Locked phone lock
  • Simple user interface without annoying ads

Farsroid offers the  Avira Free Android Security program to all Android users, which you can download the latest version for free. It is better to mention that the upcoming software has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users. It was downloaded from Google Play all over the world and was able to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , which shows its popularity among download users!