App Manager v5.54 Donated – Professional and full-featured management application for paid Android
applications with access to all features

If you are one of the users who have installed various applications on your Android smart device, undoubtedly one of your biggest problems is application management! To manage these programs for each operation, you have to do it in turn on each one, which may take hours. App Manager Full is the title of a complete and professional application for managing applications installed on Android smartphones. Published by AndroidDeveloperLB. One of the most important advantages of this application is the group activity system; In a way that allows its users to execute a command on applications in groups; For example, delete or disable multiple programs together. After installation, various information such as installation date and the amount of memory occupied by each software is available. Easily create shortcuts to programs and place them on the screen so that it can be run quickly at any time. Also, the search function used in the app manager works professionally and provides you with only a part of the software name by searching. It is better to note that the above program has several capabilities, which are more in rooted smart devices!

Some features and capabilities of Android App Manager:

  • Provide the easiest way to uninstall apps with just one touch
  • Batch operations on applications such as delete groups, enable or disable them, and…
  • Remove the visitors’ webpage from the app!
  • Customizable widgets for faster access to features
  • Sort apps by various criteria such as installation date, space occupied, and…
  • Disable background processing
  • Clear internal memory (requires root)
  • Stop applications (requires root)

The App Manager has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 with support for its various features compared to similar apps released in the Android Market, as well as a $ 0.99 in-network payment, which you can now download from the latest paid version. site Oyuntakip downloaded.