ALTER: Between Two Worlds v1.01.6 – Challenging puzzle game “Transformation: Suspended in two worlds” for Android
The full and unlocked version of the game presented to your dear ones
tested with offline execution

ALTER: Between Two Worlds – Transformation: Suspended in Two Worlds is the name of an enigmatic and fascinating puzzle game that has been released for free but limited by the very prestigious and prestigious Crescent Moon Games studio. Players must purchase the purchased version of the game from within the game for the full experience, but you do not need to buy or do any special work to experience this version, because Farsroid has prepared the latest version in its entirety and purchased it for download. It has been offered for free so that you, dear ones, can install and run this lovely game on your Android device without any worries. Crescent Moon Games game studio for making fantasy and well-made games like Exiles: Far Colony , Leave Me AloneAlmightree: The Last Dreamer , Morphite PremiumCandies’ n Curses or Path to Mnemosyne have gained fame, all of which we have already introduced in Farsroid, and we have also provided complete versions of them at your service. This time, we have decided to introduce another well-made and interesting game from this game-making company to your friends.



Play ALTER: Between Two WorldsIt is a completely enigmatic and puzzle title. In this game, you travel to an imaginary world. A world in which there seem to be many secrets and mysteries. You play the main character of Ana who embarks on an adventurous journey to a strange land. Ana has decided to go to this strange world to find the truth and meaning of life and you have to help her reach her goal. Maybe what he is looking for really lies in this mysterious world…! The whole game of ALTER: Between Two Worlds is in the form of puzzle stages, and in each stage of the game, you are in a part of this land that is designed in a completely enigmatic way. This means that you have to solve puzzles to pass each stage. The puzzles for ALTER: Between Two Worlds are varied and in turn fascinating. Some of these puzzles are very challenging and can make your mind think. The graphic design of the game is very simple and its view is from above so that you have full control over all parts of the map. By earningScore 4.0 out of 5.0, This game has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times in just a few days. The latest version of ALTER: Between Two Worlds is unlocked and Full from oyuntakip is ready to download.

Note: To make the full version of the game available; You have to click on GET from inside the game.