Adorable Home v1.13 + Mod – Fun and lovely game “Lovely Home” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Infinite John) individually
tested with offline performance

Adorable Home – The name of another fantasy and lovely game of the American HyperBeard studio in the style of management and entertainment games, which is in the category of simulation titles. This game is available for free but has the ability to pay in-app. Farsroid, at the same time as releasing the latest version of this game on Google Play, prepares it as soon as possible and introduces it to you dear ones for free along with a modded version of it. In Adorable Home, you play the role of a young couple who have just moved into a new home. This new house needs a lot of changes to become a suitable place to live. You are the one who has to turn this house into a dream house and for this you have to use your abilities to arrange and design the decoration. Just like other games in this studio like kleptocrats also has a cute cat in Adorable Home, which is the couple’s pet. This cat is a symbol of this game and other games of this studio. You have to take care of this funny cat and feed him to earn points. Then you can buy the desired items with the points that are the main currency of this game. For example, you can buy furniture, TVs, tables and chairs, and other things and turn your home into a warm and intimate home with these items.

In the game, Adorable HomeWhat you need is management and design creativity. Although the whole game looks very simple and its designs have clean cartoon graphics, but these things do not prevent this game from flourishing your talents and creativity in the field of decoration design and decorating a house. So if you are interested in management games and home design, Adorable Home will be an interesting and suitable choice for you. As you progress in the game, you can also unlock newer sections. One of these parts is the garden outside the house where there are many funny and lovable creatures. The interesting thing about the game is that although the design and cartoon graphics of the game seem a bit childish, but according to HyperBeard studio, this game is designed for the age group over 13 years and some of its general approaches are not suitable for children. However, the fantasy shape and image of the game can not be ignored, but in any case, it must be said that the Adorable Home game is designed and released for people over 13 years old. Below you can find this fascinating and fun game along with a modded version of it from the servers download Oyuntakip and challenge your management skills. Adorable Home with a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 to date has been downloaded more than 5 million times by users on Google Play.