A Game of Thrones: The Board Game v0.9.4 – A very professional board game “Game of Thrones” for Android
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tested offline Internet needs)

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Game of Thrones board game is another board game from the famous Asmodee Digital studio, which is the official game of the popular and world series Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones). . In fact, it should be said that this game is the first official game of Thrones game in the style of board, which has been made and released by one of the strongest creators of this style of games. If you are familiar with this French studio, you must know that this game company has presented several successful and valuable projects in this genre and is undoubtedly one of the best and perhaps the most powerful and active game companies in the field. Making digital board games to date with popular titles such as the Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game,  Potion Explosion,  Twilight StrugglePerudo: The Pirate Board Game Carcassonne: Tiles & Tactics Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns Ascension Takenoko: the Board Game Gang of Four: The Card Game Smash Up – The Shufflebuilding Game Terraforming Mars Talisman: Origins Splendor, and  Ticket to RideHas introduced and offered. One of the main features of this company is offering premium and paid games, which are often offered at relatively high prices. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is no exception to this rule and is one of the monetary and professional games of this company. Since Asmodee Digital is one of the most popular series in the world this time around, it is very likely that A Game of Thrones: The Board Game will climb to the list of the most popular titles offered by this developer. We are proud to announce once again that for the first time among all Iranian sites, we have introduced, reviewed, and published the purchased and complete version of this game for your dear ones so that you can play a valuable and valuable title to the Have it for free.


In A Game of Thrones: The Boardgame once again, you go to the exciting world of Game of Thrones or Game of Thrones, and with the fascinating and exciting stories of this work of art, you will experience a different board game from another perspective. As the name implies, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is the official board game of the Game of Thrones series. Before the game was released, the physical version was available a few years ago, and now Asmodee Digital has introduced a digital version of the same game to the audience interested in board games, especially fans of the popular game of Thrones series They were thrilled. This game, like other works of this developer, is accompanied by a lot of details, professional gameplay, and a complex and challenging process, which means that you have a correct understanding of the process of this game and can make the right decisions and try to win. You need to be well acquainted with this style of game and fully know the tactics and management strategies of this type of game. Fortunately, the game has a training section (Tutorial) that teaches you the game process to an acceptable level. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game also has an online and multiplayer section that includes a global leaderboard. But the main part of the game, which is the stage part, is known as Skirmish, in which your main goal is to try to take the throne in the role of one of the famous families of the Game of Thrones story. The game also has a challenge section in which players can play fun and competitive in this section. Proper graphic details, very professional gameplay, and full of features are among the most attractive features of this game, which along with the appropriate volume have made A Game of Thrones: The Board Game a suitable and lovable choice for people interested in this Be the style of games. If you are a professional gamer in the style of a board and you are a full-fledged fan of the Game of Thrones series, do not procrastinate and now the latest and complete version of this game has been purchased from Download Oyuntakip.

Additional notes:

  1. The general nature of the game is offline, but in order to run the game, your internet connection must be connected in order to check the server information. After checking the information and entering the main menu, you can disconnect your internet and play the game offline.
  2. The online part of the game may not work properly or the game IDs may block your account due to the game mode/patch.
  3. Apart from the data prepared by us, in the first run of the game, there is a need to receive some separate data.
  4. Currently, game servers are available to Iranian users without the need to change the IP, but if you fail to play the game after several attempts, change the IP.
  5. The game is still in the testing phase and therefore there is a possibility of incompatibility and incorrect execution.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.direwolfdigital.iron folder to the Android / OBB path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.