2GIS: reference book and navigator 5.0.15 for Full Android

Search and routes

The Android application has a simple search system that allows you to save your favorite places and frequent routes. The “2GIS: Directory and Navigator” map is downloaded to a mobile device and can work without access to 3G or GPS. Without Internet access, the quality of the application remains at its best.

The Android program builds routes for pedestrians, car owners and for those who use public transport. It calculates the exact distance from one point to another, shows the approximate travel time. At the same time, 2GIS takes into account traffic jams, broken traffic lights, road repairs. The map allows you to find your location, leads you along the route showing turns and directions.

Building entrance, diagrams and contact information

Can’t find the entrance to the building? 2GIS will help you. Just tap on the desired object on the map and the application will show you where to go. Lost in the mall? The application will not refuse to help here: the scheme of the hypermarket with all the shops, toilets, elevators, stairs will immediately be in front of your eyes.

No taxi phone or fitness center in front of your eyes – it doesn’t matter. 2GIS for Android will provide you with this information. As well as website addresses, company operating hours and payment methods.

The main advantages of “2GIS: reference book and navigator”:

  • ease of use;
  • clear and pleasant interface;
  • the ability to work without the Internet;
  • actual information;
  • the shortest, most convenient routes;
  • voice assistance to drivers.

A big plus of the application is the ability to download maps of countries such as Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, UAE. You will not need to spend money on roaming charges to use any other navigator or online map. Search for public transport routes does not disappear. You can always get to the right place in a foreign country.

You can download the application “2GIS: Reference and Navigator” for Android from our website for free, without registration and SMS, using the direct link below.

Download 2GIS: reference book and navigator for free

Size: 79.85 Mb |

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